Technological process of making bio pellets

Collecting vegetable waste from the filed by rolling them into bales.  The bales are stored in a warehouse protected against humidity. The technological process consists of three phases:


The ideal length for processing straw is 2-5 mm.
Since at the time of rolling into bales they have a length of 70-120 mm, they go through the first phase of the process: chopping.

The chopper ensures a length of the straws of 2-5 mm, ideal for processing.


The high calorific value of the pellets is given by the low humidity <10%. At the time of harvesting, the vegetable waste has a humidity of 15-20%. To achieve humidity lower than 10% they go through a dryer. [/symple_column] [symple_column size="one-third" position="last" fade_in="true"]


The last and most important phase of the technological process is pressing the vegetable waste with a special hydraulic press. The waste is pressed under high pressure and high temperature, resulting in cylindrical pellets.